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Jacob and Amanda

Jacob and Amanda are serving as missionaries in Mexico City. I knew Amanda when she lived in Lubbock and am a friend of her family. I was in AIM with Jacob’s brother James, but don’t know if I’ve ever met Jacob. Although I don’t know them well … haven’t spoken to them in ages …  they have been on my mind quite a bit.

Jacob and Amanda have two children named Adah and Noah. Recently their family confirmed that Noah has Tay- Sachs. Please visit their blog to find out more information about Noah.

My purpose for putting them in the Hot Seat right now has several layers. Although I may not know them really well I know many of you that do. I would love for them to be able to come here and see that there are many of us that are praying for their family … and many of us that recognize the value of the work that they are doing.

I know that Amanda, Jacob and their extended families have a lot going on right now. Please keep the entire family in your prayers … and especially regarding Noah at this time.

The past few years I’ve seen God answer prayers in ways that I did not expect. I found that I really wasn’t trusting Him “to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine”. So I was taught to pray specifically for what I wanted Him to do.

So please join me. Tell God exactly what you want Him to do for the Henderson family. Let them know what you are praying so that they may be encouraged. You can never go wrong in letting someone know that they are on your mind.

The Legend of Craig Hicks

I do not know the last time I saw Crag but it had to be about 13 or 14 years ago. He was an assistant during my AIM class, but I never really spent a lot of time around him. Most of what I knew about Craig came from what I saw from a distance. There are also things I learned through the whispers of AIMers past … passing on the legend of Craig Hicks.

What I saw was a man that was always energetic … to put it mildly. He was a very animated teacher that kept your attention … not just with his elaborate hand gestures … but with his eloquent speech when speaking the Word. He is a teacher … even today.

Some of the “legend” I’ve heard probably needs to be disproved or confirmed. I will allow anyone to do this … Craig you are also allowed to defend yourself if needed. 🙂


Did Craig really wear a suit and tie and carry a briefcase the first day of AIM?

What is the truth about his racquetball prowess?

Did he really sneak out during mission term to eat at Whataburger? Did he also rat out Theresa Wilson for doing the same thing?

What was the name of that car … you know … the one that seemed to love living at the auto shop more than at home?

Is it true that Craig saw Elvis all over the place … including several baptistry’s across Texas and New Mexico?

Is it true that Craig allowed some of the AIMers to float down the River of Life at Oral Roberts University?

If anyone has any information to fill in some blanks it would be appreciated.

I’d also love to hear any encouragement that you can give to Craig … he’s an amazing man of God that is both a leader and a servant … a student and a teacher.

Craig teaches and encourages me often at …

Thanks Craig!!!

Sharon and Donovan Fox

Sharon and Donovan are in the Hot Seat!!!


Sharon and Donovan were in the same AIM class as me … 1992.

They have been wonderful about making sure that we all stay updated on what’s going on with others around the world. They send out prayer requests. They send out pictures and newsletters … helping us to stay in touch even though we are so far apart.

I haven’t personally talked to them in years and years … but I always appreciate receiving the emails that they send.

It takes special people to do the work they’ve done to ensure that we do not lose touch completely. They obviously know the importance of this task. I know that I have felt grateful for what they’ve done … but never actually expressed this to them.

Well … thank you so much you guys. I really have appreciated the encouragement that you have been.

I would love for you to comment and let me know what you’ve been doing. I read on someone’s blog that you would be at the AIMAPALOOZA event this Friday. I know that is going to be such a good time and full of encouragement. 

I would also enjoy hearing anything else you would like to share with us. What are some things you still hold on to from your field experience? What has life been like since you returned? Anything you’d like to share is welcome.

For the rest of you … please comment and help to encourage this wonderful couple. 

Amy and Jeff

I know that you guys just moved back to Lubbock … and I believe you just recently found BASE. So you may not be aware that by commenting you pretty much run the risk of landing yourself in the Hot Seat! Thanks for commenting. 🙂

I do not know you guys extremely well … but I know of you. I’ve visited your blog … … on more than one occasion. I’ve had the pleasure of eating lunch with you at least 3 times since you moved to Lubbock.

I’ve heard the excitement of several of my friends as they told me you were moving to Lubbock. I’ve been around your adorable children and their beautiful eyes.

But … I don’t really know you guys. I don’t know much about your work in Mexico … or what you’re doing in Lubbock now. I would really enjoy hearing from you guys about how this transition is going for you.

I would also love to hear some thoughts and encouragement from the rest of you guys for this family of 5 that has recently been through a big transition.


This picture was hijacked from their blog … it shows their first meal in their new home.

Please help me welcome Jeff, Amy, and family to BASE.

Felicia … Flee … Felicia … Flee

I have been racking my brain trying to remember when we met. I have mentioned before that I have the worst memory every and things that happened yesterday or beyond can be pretty foggy.


I remember this picture being taken at Campus Advance. I also remember you, Angie and I having our little group that met while we tried to grow as women. You guys were both such a help for me … I was never one to really open up to folks … but you helped me with that.

How could I ever forget our trip to Clovis? Not sure what we were thinking, but I’m glad we went. The tattoo I got on that little trip has always been a good reminder to me of just how big God is. When I struggled to believe in anything at all … that would at least give me a little hope.

I still check your blog regularly although it’s not been updated in a while . No problem with that as far as I’m concerned … if I had three kids I don’t know that I’d have time to do much of anything.

Flee thanks for being such a good friend to me. I pray that you are doing well and that your family is doing good. I appreciate the encouragement you have given to other “hot seaters” … that is a gift you have and you use it well.

I would love for you to make a comment and let us know what you have been up to lately … share some things about your children and husband … and I’d love to hear about a lesson you’ve learned in the last few years.

Jason and Heather Thornton


I wish that I knew these guys better. It has been so long since we were in AIM … 1992 … 16 years … can anyone believe that?!

This weekend we had a Mark Study workshop and I was fortunate to meet Aaron … Jason’s brother. It made me start reflecting on our AIM time … and I just can’t believe how long ago that was.

 In AIM I remember Jason singing, singing, and singing … usually with Stuart and Jon.


I vaguely remember Heather. That has been such a long time ago that all of my memories are sparked by pictures. If I don’t have a picture of it … I probably won’t remember it.

I know, from reading Heathers’s blog that they have a boy named Eli and a girl named Julia. I love reading the stories Heather writes about them. Check out her blog … it will make you smile.


 Heather and Jason … if you’re up for it … let us know what you’re up to. What has been the most memorable experience from your field time? How long have you been married? How old are your children? What is your funniest memory from your AIM time in Lubbock … on the field? What is your favorite story about your children?

I would love to hear from you guys …

I would love to hear from the rest of you BASERS … help me encourage Jason and Heather with your memories and kind words.


Where do I start talking about my good friend Stephanie (Satcher) de Oliveira? I met Steph when I arrived in Portugal. I have no idea when or how we became friends … I just know we did. Somehow we hit it off big time … and I’m so grateful.


Stephanie made me laugh so hard … so often. When you’re in another country without anything familiar … laughter is priceless. We worked together in Rio de Mouro and had a daily goal of trying to con a ride out of Joao Miguel so we didn’t have to walk, take the train, and then take the two buses back to our house.

The daycare at Rio was so fun. Pedro, Angela, and Ishmael were the best. Remember Pedro … the slow eater? One day he was supposed to eat earlier than the other kids b/c he had an appointment with a doctor. His mom wanted to bathe him before he went and he couldn’t bathe if he had eaten (kind-of like the swimming thing). Well … we failed to heed that request … and when he didn’t show up the next day we thought we had killed him. Angela had so much hair. After nap time … she had a Tina Turner thing going on. Then there was Ishmael who really only liked to eat Kiwi. Have you ever changed a Kiwi diaper? Impossible unless you can tag team it … which we did. Gagging the entire time.

One night we made enchiladas for everyone … that was one of my favorite nights. I won’t go into details (because you know… right Steph?) but I figured out how to make the moistest cake you will ever eat.

I don’t know how many coffees we drank, pao de deus’ and pasteis de natas’ we ate. I don’t know how many toys we collected out of those little chocolate Kinder eggs. I don’t know how many times we laughed until we almost wet our pants. But I know I had a wonderful, wonderful time hanging out with Stephanie in Portugal.

We taught a women’s study in Rio. Actually … Steph taught it, I prayed (reading my little Portuguese prayer I wrote down beforehand) and then Steph and I sang, “Unidos au Universo”. I know those women were amazing women of faith and courage … Stephanie taught them about her friend Jesus and they fell in love with Him.  

And who could forget Fofa?

Steph I’m so grateful for the time we had. I hate how things change when we all move our different directions. But I live off of those Portugal memories sometimes … the ones with you are good ones.

Please send out some encouragement to Stephanie. She is an amazing woman of strength and faith. I appreciate her presence on this blog.


Steph … how many trips to the airport did we take? Too many, too many ….