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Five Minute Friday: Backwards

Sometimes moving backwards really does move us forward. We have to be willing to look back at what worked and repeat it.

I recently changed jobs. I went back to a job that I had two years ago. For the last two years I was teaching and each day was a struggle to get out of bed … a struggle to put on a smile. I began looking back in my life to see what had worked in the past. I once had a job where I felt celebrated. A job that I looked forward to … or at least didn’t dread.

The job was available and I started back on Monday. It’s the best decision I could have made. I had to move backwards in order to get moving forward with my life. It doesn’t always make sense, but it is true.

It’s like giving up to win … becoming weak to become strong … sacrificing to gain. The concepts I’ve learned in my walk with Jesus are ones that don’t seem to follow the norm. Serving to become great … humbling yourself to be glorified … and finally … backing up to get ahead.

God is trustworthy. We can put our backwards things in His hands and always count on getting the best results. Broken becomes whole … ugly becomes beautiful … nonsense becomes sensical. What a wonderful thought for a Friday.

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