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Blame it on the eye …

I had eye surgery last Friday. I only had one eye done so it hasn’t been very bad … just somewhat blurry. I’ve been feeling really tired and kind-of nauseous this week and I think it’s probably a result of  the blurriness. It has also had an impact on my teaching.

My students have finished their textbook for this year. They have to take an end of book test before they can move on to the next book. They all failed almost all of the end of book tests. So, what I decided to do is review for a section … retake the test … review for a section … retake the test and so on. So my purpose of reviewing is to ensure that they will pass the test.

Do you think it helps them if I keep answering the question wrong? Today we had this question:

The  _____________ of the fish are big.

(a) gill

(b) gills

(c) gill’s

(d) gills’

The first time I told them it was (c). As I explained it one boy said it should be (d). I reread it and humbly corrected myself. As we reread it I realized the answer was actually supposed to be (b). But by then I was too embarrassed to change my answer again. I decided to count anything right on that one since I had confused them so much.

Can I blame that on the eye surgery?



So yesterday I watched Waiting for Superman. I thought it would make me angry, but it turns out that most of it had already been shown in the previews. Anyway, there’s a line where a man says, “Either kids are getting stupider or there’s a problem with our education system.”

Today I was looking at a packet of Pepperoni and noticed this:

Look at this last sentence. Does that really say “DO NOT EAT THIS PACKET”? You tell me … are people getting stupider or is it the education system’s fault?

I went to the doctor yesterday to have something removed from the bottom of my foot. Yes … that sounds nasty. It was just a bump on the ball of my foot. I could feel it when I walked and it was driving me crazy. The doctor asked, “So has this been hurting?” I said, “Not really, but my left foot is really sensitive to socks and things. I can feel it and it really bothers me.” “Your feet are very calloused, do you work out a lot?”, asked the doctor. “No I don’t work out at all. I just wear my shoes too big so my feet slide around a lot”, said the freaky lady with the bump on her foot.

… I think that I’ve gotten stupider since I became a teacher. Maybe it really is the education system that is messing us ALL up.

**** I’m adding this onto this post because it was really cute. I was at the eye doctor this morning. A grandmother was there watching the three children while the mom was in the doctor. The boy, who had already announced that he was in first grade, went to the restroom. He came out and said, “Nana, they’re rich in there.” She quickly told him, “Shhh.” He said, “Really, go look, the part where you wash your hands is golden.” It was really cute.