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I give up … how important can it be?

I find myself asking this question way too often. How important is it really? I mean they made us learn cursive and now it seems half the people on the planet can’t write in cursive and can’t read what someone else writes in cursive. 

Today the question revolved around “indenting”. How in the world do you explain this to students? I think I spent more time trying to explain indenting than I did explaining the whole assignment. I asked several times, “Are there any questions? Does everyone understand?” Heads nod up and down.

Minutes after they are working independently I begin to wander the aisles. There isn’t much indenting going on. I try again. This time I show them books. I show them paragraphs. I draw arrows on the board. “Are there any questions? Does everyone understand?”

By the time the papers were turned in,  more students failed to indent than students that indented.  In one class I got so frustrated I didn’t know what else to say. My assistant said, “Guys she’s said it over and over … listen.” I had explained it every way I knew how.

They say you’re not teaching if no one learns. I’m changing the name of my profession to “Mere Talker”. I’ve not taught them anything yet.

I did freak them out a little when I threw the marker. Luckily I didn’t throw it at anyone … I just lightly tossed it into the air in frustration. It was that or strangling someone. The marker seemed like the better choice.