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Stepping Your Way to Good Health and Other Nonsense

These things always crack me up. Our district is trying to promote “wellness” so they gave us free pedometers. I think maybe they got them free because they were defective. The actual pedometer might not be, but the information insert sure is.

It says in red that if I walk 10,000 steps then I can eat 30 calories. Doesn’t air have more than 30 calories?

 It also says I have to be a “preson” and I don’t know that I’ll ever accomplish that.

 I can eat 90% of the men’s … does that mean I can eat 90% more than them? That doesn’t sound right.

D. makes a specific note about a salaried man. How does the food I eat know if I have a job or not? 

1 calorie equals 30 steps. So if  I walk 10,000 steps then (if I’m doing my math correctly – which I may not be) I think I will burn a little over 333 calories.  But then what did they mean when they said I could consume 30 extra calories if I walk 10,000 steps. Sheesh! This is why I can’t eat better. Just reading this stressed me out so much that I went and ate a box of candy. Thankfully it only POSSIBLY had traces of milk in it (see below).   

                                                                  Whatever you do … don’t make the pedometer to wet. Does that mean it might spray me? Probably only if I don’t put it on correcitly.

EEK!!! Traces of milk!!! What has this world come to. Is there not a food I can consume that is completely unhealthy anymore?! Well, it says MAY so maybe I got the batch that escaped the milk tainting.




Trust me … I wish I didn’t notice this kind of thing … it is exhausting.

So glad I have a rubric … part five

These are the last two …

Old Shirt

I love my old shirt with skeletons on it. It is the beautiful shirt that I had. I wish could by an another one. I hope to pass it down as a traditionial shirt. I hope that I get so more money to get another one until it become sold.     score 16


One thang that is important to me is my necles. My grandparants bought it for mje. I wa so happy I will give it to my son. I will cheras it for ever.   score 18

(this is the child that wanted to know why he could wear a necklace in class but not a hat)

So glad I have a rubric … part four

My computer means a lot to me because I got it from Christmas my granny gave it to me and that’s why its special to me. I have had my computer for 3 years now and I am thanksful for that I had always loved my granny. It is a regular computer it is not a laptop its black and white I treat my computer like its my own baby I don’t know what would I do with out it I have many things saved in my computer I have my my space pictures in there.  score14


My special ideam is my ipod. Because I like to lission to music. Music gets me consontrated it caulms me down. It gets everything off my mind music keeps me from doing the things I always do like getting in trouble with the cops and so on and so on. Music keeps me from talking back and keeps my mouth shut. It keeps me from all the drama outside. It keeps me from going back to jeauvy. And going back to my old ways.  score 14


My favorite person aka Baby d. Baby D is short, white, and always wear blue. I got Baby D. On my birthday. It came with some candy. Sour streaws, big candy apple & a popcorn ball. I got hot chips, popcorn hot cheetos. I went to joyland I was fun. Back to the subject Baby d. smalls like Ice cream. And that is all I can tell. Bye.  score 14

(I must admit this is one of my favorites. I like that it smalls like ice cream.)


So glad I have a rubric … part three

I own my PSP It is the best thing to me I play it when I’m asleep and I play it when I walk home and that the end of something  I own.  score 11


My shoes are importment to me because they portect my feet. Because they make me feel safe. They make me look good. Because some people run over my feet. And so no body won’t see my bad feet    score 12


Something that special to me is my xbox because I like the colors and you get to make your own avatar dress it up and everything   

score  13


When ever I first got my gamboy. It was one cristmas Day I was happy I got out of my bed and woke every Body up. We all went in the living room we opened up all of our prizes then I opened up this one and it was an gameboy I was so proud then I lost it.   score 13


Football is impronut. Football is fun. Footballs is and oval. It got white lines on it. Football is a sport.


So glad I have a rubric … part two

Here’s a reminder of our prompt.

Prompt: Think about an item or object (for example, your sneakers, an old sweatshirt, an MP3 player) you own that is so special to you that you cannot do without it. (Do not choose a person or a pet). Write a paragraph for your classmates in which you describe that object and give reasons why it is important to you.

The thing that important to me is my love life. The reason why its important to me is because life is short the world is small. Hope is upon the line. Love is not so far. Faith is a live when you touch my heart.  (I’m pretty sure these are song lyrics) Score:  9


I own a playstation three. I like playstation three my dad bought me one so I own it I have lots of games to play I think that’s what I own.   Score: 9


My speecal ibject is my mp3. Becau I like to lesston to music. It let me contestate. I get relaxes. Get me in my happy place. Score: 10

So glad I have a rubric …

I’ve been grading a recent writing test that some of my students took. I just got a new class on Monday that is an intervention class for mostly general education students. These are mostly students that are having educational problems because of a history of behavior problems.  

Grading writing is difficult for me. If a child writes something logical and I can read it then I tend to lean towards … great. Unfortunately, I have to use standards other than my own personal ones. Luckily, I have been given a rubric.

According to the rubric the students can score a total of 24 points. It is amazing to me how, according to the rubric, the shortest writing usually gets the best score. I think this might be enjoyable to you guys. I also think it may give you a peek into the world of a teacher and what we are faced with each day. Grades are not easy to assign. Remember, as you read, that I teach middle school.

I’m going to start with the lowest score and post a few each day or so … leading up to the highest score. I will write them exactly as they were written on the test.

Prompt: Think about an item or object (for example, your sneakers, an old sweatshirt, an MP3 player) you own that is so special to you that you cannot do without it. (Do not choose a person or a pet). Write a paragraph for your classmates in which you describe that object and give reasons why it is important to you.


I love my shoes like my dog

Score 6


The thing that is special to me is my playstation 2 that the thing that I always play with it I got like a thousand games for it ever game that come out I got like a week lader when it comes out and every football game that came out I got I really love playing my game I can stay in my room playing the game and dont even get tired of playing it that the importan thing I own.

Score 8


Football is fun because I like to play Football with my friend  and they are fun to play with because the are funny and I like to play basketball also it’s fun to you get to play with your friend

Score 8