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Back to School

Although school is still weeks away, it’s close enough for students and teachers alike to start dreading (in the best possible way) school starting. I know for me the beginning of school comes with a lot of questions and a lot of unknowns. I have to imagine it’s the same for students.

Well this was my Story of the Day that was mailed to me today. For some reason it reminded me of school. 🙂

Unconditional Love

I try to use unconditional love in small amounts, she said, so people really appreciate it. The rest of the time I just try not to yell.


Comments on: "Back to School" (2)

  1. Oh man! That is great!!! I love it~

    Sounds an awful lot like …well…um….me!! 😀

    At least we can admit it right?!

  2. oakesclan said:

    Yes…one could carry that unconditional love thing too far. A little restraint please. Too funny.
    I hope the upcoming school year…with all its unanswered questions will turn out to be one that is filled with blessings for students and teacher alike. Go get ’em, Paige!

    We got started today. The darlings will be coming on the 23rd. Thanks for your thoughts … I’m ready for some blessings.

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