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I just had to laugh … revisited.

A few posts back I talked about a new student I was “experiencing” in my class. I was rereading that post, and I realized that my perspective has changed after some time getting to know him. I mentioned in that post that he was “wide-eyed and innocent” … wow … first impressions can be deceiving. He does have really big eyes … but the rest of that was way off. He is sneaky.

I can’t even remember all of the experiences we’ve had, but he is a daily challenge. He really annoys people and then looks all puppy-dog-sad when they want to beat him up.

It’s funny how things can be cute at first and then turn incredibly annoying after the 10th or 11th time. One example would be this little habit he has. When he doesn’t know a word, he replaces it with “cha-ching”. So when he reads it might sound something like this, “The boy was cha-ching and then he cha-ching and cha-ching after cha-ching.” My current goal is to increase his vocabulary so we have less “cha-chings” when he reads. If I can do that … I will feel like a good teacher.