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They gave it a try at any rate.

Do you ever pay attention to some of the expressions we use? There are things we say that really don’t make much sense. I don’t realize how confusing they can be until I try to teach them to my students.

This week we were discussing expressions and the students were each given a sentence strip with one on them. They were supposed to read it … try to explain what they thought it meant to the class … and then write a short story using it correctly.

I would love to hear how you would explain some of these:

“They gave it a try at any rate.”

“He bought the car to the tune of one hundred dollars.”

These were two of the hardest ones. I know what they mean, but try explaining them to some 12-14 year old kids that think a “senior citizen” is when you go to the movie by yourself.

I found that out when I was trying to explain what a “rate” is. I mentioned movie tickets and how they are different prices for different people. For example, children and senior citizens are usually a different price than a regular ticket. A boy on the front row said, “Miss, what’s a senior citizen? When you go by yourself?”

I realized then that if I’m having to explain what these expressions mean … they probably aren’t going to use them much anyway, so what’s the point?! From now on, I’ll probably be skipping that section of our textbook.

I just had to laugh …

This week I had a new student begin my class. He is an experience I’ve not had before. And that’s the best way I can describe him … an experience. I think he has hugged me more this week than any other person in my entire life. Today he came back to my desk to ask a question. He looked down at my hands and said, “You have the most smooth and beautiful skin hands.” His voice was that voice a child gets when they’ve just seen the most amazing thing.

I had to take him out for a while so my assistant could talk to the other students. They’ve been making fun of him and mocking him. We needed it to stop immediately. So we went and ran random errands around the building. It gave me a chance to talk to him some one on one. He really is a great kid. Very innocent and wide-eyed. I said a prayer for him today that God would guard his heart. I also asked God to help me to treat him as the precious creation that he is. Even when he’s invading my personal space … over … and over … and over again. 🙂