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Thanksgiving Memories

This was a good Thanksgiving. But it was not without its awkward moments.

I’ve told several of you already about my Grandpa and the wonderful memories he revealed around the dinner table Thanksgiving Day. Can you say awkward?!

My youngest niece is in that stage where she asks about 9,000 questions a minute. Remember that scene in Uncle Buck? That’s what it feels like. So she’s asking how old I am and realizes that I’m a little older than her mother. In my niece’s mind if her mother is married and has children, then surely I should at least be married since I’m older. I think she’s too young to remember that I was married at one time.

 So she asks, “Aunt Paige are you married?”

I say, “No”.

She says, “Why not? You’re old enough.”

I say, “Yes, but I’m not married.”

She says, “Are you going to get married?”

I said, “I don’t think so”.

Which of course made her ask “Why not?” 

 Which is when her mother kindly called her into the kitchen to get her out of my face. It’s not so much her questions that are awkward. The look on everyone else’s face is what makes it awkward. We sure don’t want to mention the “D” word in front of the children.

What about you? Any awkward or especially memorable holiday happenings?


What is wrong with this picture?

The straw on the left is from my Diet Coke … the straw on the right is from my very thick espresso shake …


I had one of the wonderful “5 hour window” appointments today with the people to try to fix my TV stuff. My window was from 12-5. I came straight home from Bible study and proceeded to wait until 4:30. Around then they called and said it was going to be after 5 … did I want to wait or re-schedule? After waiting all afternoon of course I was going to continue to wait … no way I’m rescheduling.

They showed up about 5:45 and stayed for almost an hour … and … are you ready for this … I still don’t have TV service. From what I understand the receiver I have is no longer used. They still have some, but the company I’m with no longer uses them and so I will have to upgrade … or change everything. So now I have to make a decision about what to change … to bundle or not to bundle … to just forget it. I’m leaning towards forgetting it. I’ve about decided I could save money by just subscribing to NETFLIX and  watching all my shows by season instead of one episode a week. I’m not sure what I’ll go with, but I feel a reimbursement of some sort is in order here. Should I pay for TV service that I haven’t been able to watch for two weeks … I think not.

So I guess it’s not the technology gods on this one … just the stupid people that feel we have to change everything and make it newer every two months. Most of my stuff is outdated before I figure out how to use it. I’m getting old. The fact that I’m even considering going without tv proves this … eek.

One benefit from all of this … I’m finally listening to all the songs on my ipod!!!