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Trust Me

Today I went through a car wash. As I was sitting in the middle of the wash I see the brake lights of the car two feet in front of me come on and off. I had a momentary thought to hit my brakes as well, but luckily I resisted. Instead I sat there waiting to hear the twisting metal of my car hitting theirs. It never happened and we both came out of the wash fine.

But it made me smile. I had this thought … how many times do I struggle with “trusting” and say I just don’t know how to trust? Hello?! EverydayI trust things. Igo through a car wash … trusting it will wash my car and not kill me in the process. I drive down the street … trusting that the car coming toward me will stay on their side of the yellow line. I walk into a building … trusting that it won’t collapse upon me at any moment.  I don’t worry that the building will collapse, I don’t worry that the car will kareen across the 2 inch paint line in the middle of the road and hit me. Why not?

Because I’ve done these things safely over and over again. I’ve seen others do the same things over and over again … safely.

So why can’t I do the same with God? Why can’t I trust the examples around me … the examples from the Bible … the promises from the all powerful supreme God that created it all? I’ll trust the man-made car wash that’s named after a duck sound … but God … nah, I’ll have to think about that one.

Think about this for a bit … what are some things in your everyday life that you trust?

The eye of the tiger …

Today I saw a boy wearing a pair of jeans that had tiger eyes on each back pocket. The rest of the tiger’s head went down his legs so that if you were looking at him from behind … it looked like a tiger was looking back at you. What is that about?!

I guess I no longer have to look out the window to experience the freakiness … it’s now right there in the room with me. EEK!

Explain this to me …

Every morning after the first bell the announcements come on at school. We do the American Flag pledge, Texas pledge (which no one can say correctly … ever) and then we have a moment of silence. Last week I noticed that once in a while instead of starting, “I pledge allegiance …” I would start to say, “Lubbock Teachers Federal Credit Union.” Very strange. Well today I did it again and realized that it’s only when I’m standing behind my desk. If I’m not behind the desk I can say the pledge fine. What’s that about?

I stand corrected and natural consequences that made me smile a little.

How’s that for a title? Hopefully it hooked you in and has gotten you interested.

So the other day I was discussing the word sandwich with my students. We were discussing how words can have multiple meanings. We wrote several meanings for sandwich: “two pieces of bread with something in the middle”, “to stick something in between two objects (I sandwiched the book between the cd’s)”, and “the football players made a Quarter Back sandwich out of him”.

At this point I asked the students if they knew any other ways we use the word sandwich. One of them said, “It could be a name.” I said, “For a person?” He said, “Yes, my cousin is named Sandwich.” I laughed and looked at my assistant like, “Oh these kids are crazy.” We moved on and I basically ignored him.

Well today … I stand corrected. The person that invented the sandwich was actually named Sandwich. He was the Earl of Sandwich so it wasn’t actually his name, but still. I should have given ol’ cousin Sandwich the benefit of the doubt.

I had two circumstances this week that offered up some natural consequences that really made me laugh out loud.

First … I had a student that kept refusing to stay after school to finish his work. He’s off task often and just isn’t trying to do it. He told me that he couldn’t stay after school because he had a football game. I left him alone for the rest of the class. He ended up falling into a very deep sleep. So deep that when the bell rang, he never woke up. I wanted to leave him there until he woke up on his own, but I didn’t want to stay that late. So I called his mom and left her a message then woke him up after about 15 minutes. I thought it was hilarious … he ended up staying after school all right and didn’t even get credit for it, because he still didn’t finish those assignments.

Then today I was going down the aisles quickly grading a little quiz. One of the students saw me grade the paper beside him and noticed he had missed one. He changed it before I got to him. My assistant saw him and told him that he shouldn’t change that … he needed to take the grade he earned. Well after grading all the quizzes I went over the answers out loud so everyone could make sure I graded correctly. Well, I hadn’t. I had actually graded the paper (the one the boy was cheating off of) incorrectly. So because he changed his answer he ended up missing it. He would have had it right if he would have left it alone. We all laughed … probably not a nice thing to do … but it was so perfect.

In true form, he then accused me of doing it all on purpose. Like I planned ahead of time to incorrectly grade a paper, hoping he would see it and change his answer. Sheesh! They make me laugh.