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Scared to death

Here is a glimpse into my Monday. My new job invited me to attend a MANDATORY day at the Spirit Ranch. I found their website and will post a few pictures of the Spirit Ranch Experience. I wish they had a copy of the waiver that we had to sign … it was frightening. Anything that asks you to sign your name showing that you understand there will be “unwelcome touching” is not good.

We started off with some fairly easy experiences. But we soon moved on to the “touching” parts. Here is a little of what we did …


Island 2

Charlotte's Web

Power Pole

Rock Wall

EEEEK!!! It was a difficult day, but well worth the challenge. I feel like I got to know some people and am glad that I changed my attitude. The only problem is that now we have about two weeks until I see them again. If you know me at all, you know that by then, I’ll be lucky to remember I ever met them.

Brains vs. Beauty


Any good library stories?



How ’bout a shopping, cow, or airhead story?

A Good Day at the Pawn Shop

One of the perks of my job is that the south wall of my office is a window. I have a great view of the candy store, the bus stop, a mechanic’s shop, and a pawn shop.

We spend a good portion of the day people watching. I have to admit that my heart skips a beat when I see someone coming up the street with a load that is obviously going to the pawn shop. I love to watch them go in with such anticipation. Then when they come out, face downcast, still carrying their item … I feel a little sad for them. But, on a day like yesterday, when they come out with money in their hand and a little lift in their step … I feel happy for them.

One thing about pawn shops is that they always seem shady to me. When I first moved to Illinois I was taken to the pawn shop, by a friend, to buy a bike. I kept wondering who it had been stolen from. Every time I road it past a child, I wondered, what if this is his bike? What if he accuses me of stealing it? When I was growing up my family was not really one that visited very many pawn shops. My “Illinois family”, however, was very fond of pawn shops and went there almost weekly. I actually got my wedding ring at a pawn shop … and sold said ring at a pawn shop. If that ring could talk the sad stories it could tell. To me a pawn shop is full of items that once had some real value to someone, but eventually, they became worth whatever the shop would pay. I don’t know many people that actually go back to get their stuff, but I’m sure some do.

Overall, pawn shops intrigue me. In my mind, most people go there out of desperation. One of the men yesterday was carrying a 15 ft ladder. Had he stolen it? Was there a man somewhere nearby wondering how the heck he was going to get off the roof? Or was it his own ladder? Had he lost his job? Was this his only option to put a few dollars in his pocket? I will never know … but I’m intrigued with the story.

The other man that had good fortune yesterday was carrying a speaker of some sort. He too came out with cash and a spring in his step. As I waited anxiously for him to come out, I noticed the pawn shop phone number was printed on the sign out front. I thought it would be kinda funny to call them … describe the man and the speaker he was carrying … and tell them he had stolen it from me. But … it was only a thought. 

Any experience in the underworld of pawn shops? What is your opinion … are most of the items stolen … or just a piece of a dream that someone gave up on? I would love to hear some good pawn shop stories.

Boredom is dangerous

I do not do well with time off from work. Without a schedule I can get a but “wonky’, yes, “wonky”. Well, that being said, I have been off work for the last week. I made sure that I had a long list of things to do so that I wouldn’t get bored. Well I was pretty much finished with a big portion of the list by Monday. So I started looking around my house for more things to put on my list.

Over Christmas, I painted my kitchen table. I used the wrong type of paint or something, so this last weekend when my mom was here, she wiped it off and some of the paint stripped off … oops. So I went and bought a table cloth. Well the table cloth didn’t quite match the wallpaper, which I have never really liked anyway (you see where this is going, right?) So, yesterday morning, while avoiding homework, I started stripping wallpaper. What a bad idea!!!

I never really gave a thought to what the wall might look like underneath, or what I might do with that wall. I found that it had no texture on it, and I’m not sure that it’s ever even been painted. So I started painting it with KILZ last night. All the while, knowing I was going to have to do something about the texture.

Today I ran across this textured wallpaper. You put it up like wallpaper and then you can either paint it or leave it white. It should be noted here that I’ve not had much experience with wallpaper. I can say now, as I’m about 1/10 of the way through … I hate it. I’m just praying that I like it when it dries so that I don’t feel the need to paint it.

I love the DETAILED (not) instructions that they give. Here they are:


Any of you that have participated in my IQ test assignment will relate to my horror when I saw that the directions consisted of pictures that I had to decipher. I thought that picture 3 was “applying wallpaper paste” which I didn’t think I needed. So finally, I realized it had to do with scraping stuff OFF the wall, not putting it ON. I don’t have a baby or a cat to dunk so the little picture on 4 was irrelevant … I just dunked the paper. Eeek!

Maybe I’ll put up some pictures of the final result. It should be interesting if nothing else.

~ On a side note: Yesterday I went to donate blood. As I walked in I scraped the door across the top of my big toe and it started bleeding a lot. They gave me a band-aid and proceeded to do my interview. My iron was low and I was not able to donate. After she told me my iron was low, I realized I have two pretty gross looking bruises on my arm and on my toe. I thought it was probably related so I started looking on the internet to see what I should eat to boost my iron. I was surprised to find this statement:  “Cooking with iron pots and pans also increases the amount of iron consumed.” So if I eat my cereal and chips out of an iron skillet will it boost my iron? Also, is pepperoni considered red meat? Hmmm …