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Summers at the lake

I’ve spent many summers at Brownwood lake. Seems that we’ve gone every summer since I was in elementary school. I like it less and less each year … for some reason I’ve really lost interest in water sports. But, I ran across some pictures that I thought would be fun to share  since summer is beginning.

These are from quite a few years back …

Picture or Video 001

This is one of my favorites. This is Nana, Mammaw, Marshal, and my neice Gentry. I think it’s a classic family photo that shows that youngest generation just fitting right in with the older one.


Picture or Video 003

This is me trying to convince Deni she will swim great if she wears this life jacket.


Picture or Video 004

Dad lounging and feeding his face.


Picture or Video 005

Games of Chicken Foot that last forever and always end up in an argument.


Picture or Video 006

Me playing Skip-Bo with Mammaw. Notice she has to sit on TWO cushions to reach the table.

Funny Photos

Here are two websites that were introduced to me this week that are pretty funny. The first has a post of Olan Mills photographs, and the second has a bunch of Awkward Photos. I’m not saying I approve of the content on either site, but there are some pretty funny photos.

Here is a sample …


I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen Eeyore’s smile!




This is my future … I will grow a prize winning squash while my miniature schnauzer sits loyally by my side.



I added to my list of favorites today. It is great.

I want to give a shout out to Lisa for turning me on to the site and for letting us know that we are not alone in our cynicism. Nothing like finding out we’re all in the same boat … even if it’s sinking.

It’s my own fault!

Does admitting that you are a freak make you less of one? In hopes that it does, I’m going to confess a little of my freakishness to you today.

In February of 2008 I got new job. It was a desk job … the first one I’ve ever had. I knew that this job would come with some down time. Time to read, cruise the Internet etc.

I immediately started looking for ways to make money. There are tons of jobs that you can supposedly do (while you’re at work) if you just have a computer and a few spare minutes of time here and there.

One opportunity that I found was through a company called Inbox Dollars. My understanding was you would earn money by reading advertisement email and taking surveys. They also have special offers sometimes where you can earn a little extra.

The first catch was that you could not request for them to send you a check until you had earned $30.00. That’s not much money … shouldn’t take too long , right?

Well … today is May of 2009 … over a year later and I just requested my first check. I received .02 for every email I read. There were surveys where you could earn up to .50 but I never qualified. I got $5 for joining a promotional Netflix thing, and I earned $4 by getting to 1,000,000 points on a game.

Around March I was up to about $25. My plan was to get to $30 request my check and be done. I finally got to the 1,000,000 points to earn the $4 that would put me close to my $30. It took six weeks for them to credit the $4. By then I had read enough email to earn about $5. So today, May 4, I logged into my account to request my check. My total earnings were $34.17. I click the button and it asks, “Would you like to request a check for $31.17?” A little confused I read the fine print and find that there is a $3.00 processing fee. (Do you know how many advertisements I read to earn that $3.00?)

Anyway … I request the check.

I am about to deactivate my account when I read another little pop-up that says, “Your check will be mailed out on July 1, 2009. You must have an active account or the check will not be mailed.” So, they’re going to string me along for two more months. By then I will have earned enough to entice me to hang on until I get to $30 and the cycle begins all over again. AARRGGHH.

Please tell me … has anyone found a get rich quick plan that actually works?