You’re on BASE! Take some time to catch your breath … you are safe.

My mom sent me this for Easter … figured it was funny enough to put up until I think of something to write.


One day a man was driving down the road in a hot red convertible.

He was driving 15 mph when a rabbit hopped in front of his car.

As the man swerved the rabbit swerved also and was run over.

The man got out of the car and started crying “OH MY… OH MY!!!!”

Just then a blond drives up and asks him what’s wrong, when he tells her she says, “Oh I can fix that.”

She goes to her car, pulls out a can and sprays the rabbit with it.

It instantly comes alive and hops off, but every five feet it turns back to wave, before finally disappearing into the forest.

The guy is amazed and says, “How did you do that?”

The blond just tosses him the can and drives off.

The can says “Hair Spray: Guaranteed to bring your hair back to life and create a permanent wave.”


Comments on: "Have you heard the one about …" (1)

  1. BIG GROAN~~so punny,cute tho..:-D


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