You’re on BASE! Take some time to catch your breath … you are safe.

Tag … I’m it!!!

I’m tagging myself. Isn’t that the story of my life? Playing a game all by myself and loving every minute of it. On this one, since I’m tagging myself I’m also changing the rules a little. You are invited to play as well if you’d like.

I was reading Elaine’s blog and she had been tagged. You are supposed to go into your picture folder and pick the sixth folder and then post the sixth picture. I went into my sixth folder but I’m posting six pictures … not the sixth picture … my blog, my rules, right?


This first picture is of Snack. He’s the one securely on BASE in the header photo. I love this picture because it shows his personality. We never really knew why, but we learned early on that he liked to put his nose on things. It was like it took him to his little happy place or something. When we rode in the car, if Deni started to crowd him he would put his nose against the glass. It was like he was claustrophobic and trying to remind himself that there was a whole world out there … it would be okay. (I can relate to that trapped feeling.)

He also put his nose on the dishwasher. His food was kept on the counter right above the dishwasher so that Deni wouldn’t eat it. When Snack was hungry we would find him standing still like a statue with his nose on the dishwasher. He was trying to will the food down to the floor or something. It was so cute.

He also put his nose on my hand sometimes if he wanted me to pet him.

In this picture he was frustrated because he had taken this Frisbee to everyone in the house and no one would play. He finally laid down on the floor and put his head on it … I truly believe it was his nose on it that was calming him. He looks so sad and neglected.


(We have on the same jeans …)


While in Illinois I had two step sons. The younger one had a son … so in essence I was a grandma. Sheesh. I have never wanted children of my own and didn’t even really like the idea of a grandchild. My husband and I were not the gushy grandparent type … until … he had his first birthday. We didn’t really know about Yoda (that’s what we called him) until he was turning two. So there wasn’t much of an attachment to him at first.

The first time we met him was on his birthday. We were supposed to be going to a motorcycle race on Saturday. When they drove in on Friday night we were already talking about leaving really early Saturday morning so we wouldn’t have to be around “the kid” for very long. Yoda got out of the car, walked in the house and laid down in my lap. I had never met him before, he just walked straight over to me. I began to soften a tad bit. Then when he was a little more awake they were introducing us. He called me Peach. I happened to be wearing a peach colored sweatshirt and we thought … “Our grandson is a genius.” I mean what kid knows the color peach when they’re two? But his mom said that was a character off Nemo or something. So anyway … I was Peach to him … which I liked.



Needless to say, the next morning my husband and I got up early to go to the race. Before we left town we stopped to grab something at the store. We walked in and seperated to go by our items. When I found my husband he was trying to find the smallest motorcycle helmet he could find. I shook my head and smiled … “Look at grandpa shopping for his first grandchild.” He looked up and said sarcastically, “Whatcha got there Peach?” I was holding a little Carhardt coat for Yoda that looked just like the one his dad wore. We skipped the race and went back to the house to give Yoda his gifts. How sweet, right?




We had a huge backyard and so we rode the smaller bikes around it all the time. On this particular day I had just gotten home from school and Yoda happened to be at our house. He grabbed my hand as soon as I walked in the door and said, “Come on Peach … ride.” He led me to the garage and we hopped on.




We had this little pond in the back yard. Yoda liked to throw the dog toys into it. Finally, I told him that if he did it again we would have to go inside. From then on, when he got ready to go inside, he’d throw the toy in the pond and head right into the house. Hmmph.


My favorite memory is from one day when we were babysitting him. He had been in the garage with my husband. I guess he needed to go to the bathroom so my husband sent him in to tell me. Instead of telling me, Yoda came in and started playing. Suddenly, he jumped up, needing to go to the bathroom NOW. I asked if he needed help, but he assured me that he could do it. (My inexperience with children his age, allowed me to actually believe that.) Next thing I knew … I walked into the bathroom and he’s standing on the seat, spraying all over the tank. Wow … that’s a new one. My husband made him go outside by the tree for awhile after that … I just don’t think we were cut out to be grandparents.

 If you want to play then consider yourself tagged. Like I said, the original rule was to go to your picture folder and select the sixth folder, then post the sixth picture. Modify it however you see fit. Enjoy …


Comments on: "Tag … I’m it!!!" (5)

  1. Oh Snack just steals my heart. I love it.
    And I think the fact that your grandson called you peach was HUGE! You know if you can ever find yourself in the upper ranks with Disney characters you have made it BIG! You look absolutely marvelous for a grandma! ; )
    Thanks for playing, I like your rules better.


  2. You are a peach!

    AWWWW …

  3. i want to learn how to ride a bike too!!! can i call you peach? that is too cute. i love your stories.


  4. Snack and his little nose issue is so sweet! Yoda knew a peach when he saw one I guess 🙂

    Don’t you hate when your ultimatums backfire? Like Yoda throwing the toy in the pond because he WANTED to go inside. I hate when that happens! hehehe


  5. Grandma Peach!!! I love it!

    Thanks Lisa. 🙂

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