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I purchased a large pot to use for serving food. I never read the directions on how to use pots, but I happened to glance at this one. When I did I realized it was a good thing because I could have been putting my pet bird in serious danger. Reading this made me wonder about other pets … or even babies. Are bird’s respiratory systems the only ones sensitive to non-stick cooking fumes? 

I read this page and just had to laugh at all the crazy things that are put on labels. Everyone has become quite sue happy these days, but come on. Can I really sue the curling iron company because I stuck the thing in my eye and it burned? Or if I ate the label off of something and it made me sick? Have we just turned into idiots?

I bought a battery operated bush trimmer last summer. I went out to trim my bushes … very excited to use my new toy. The bushes are pretty tall so I’m standing on a stool. Not a sturdy gardening stool of some sort but a wobbly kitchen stool on uneven grass, on a slope. I start to tip over a bit and grab the cutting end of the trimmers with my bare hand. I had released the “go” button but they were still winding down and cut quite a chunk out of my thumb. It’s possible I could have tried to sue the stool company for not making a kitchen stool that can also be used for gardening. I could also attempt to sue the trimmer company because their product didn’t turn off quick enough for me to grab while falling. Would it be worth the money I would get to have to look like an idiot on national television? Not really. I guess I’m just too proud to admit I’m an idiot for money when I can blog about it at my own expense for no compensation whatsoever.

Medicine commercials are the best as far as crazy warnings go. The side effects of most drugs seem scarier than the original ailment. Is it really worth the chance that I could bleed from the eyes or lose my life just to remove a wart?

So what are some of your favorites? Better yet … what’s something stupid you’ve done that you wish you were idiot enough to try to sue someone over?





The blessings I have received …

A friend of mine used to pray … “God, I thank you for the the blessings I have received, those I am about to, and particularly the ones I won’t appreciate.”

The holiday season is over and most of us have begun settling back into our routines. I know, for myself, I had a good break. I got a  lot done and worked myself hard enough that I was ready to go back to work so I could get some rest. 🙂

We all had things on our wish lists … some were material things … some were more of a prayerful nature than a wish. I hope you got some things that made you smile, laugh, and even cry. If it made your heart feel good … then my prayer was answered.

We had a prayer meeting on Wednesday night to end the year. One of the thoughts brought up was to think of a person that you would love to see blessed beyond belief in the next year. It was difficult to think of just one to mention … but it was so good for me to think about.

I found myself thinking of each person in my life and what God could do that would bless them beyond all they could ask or imagine. I could ask for them to find someone they could share their life with, a good someone that will be trustworthy and true. I could ask for their children to be safe from harm. I could ask for them to find a job and a car that runs. I might want to ask for their sobriety to be secure in the Lord … so that they can live without wondering when that next desire will overwhelm them. I might ask God to remove their depression … help them sleep. I would be willing to beg God on their behalf if He would allow their heart to have some rest … to have some confidence … knowing He is there, forever. I would really love to see huge smiles this time next year as they all sat around saying … “I would never have believed it but …”

Tell me some things you might ask for someone around you … DO NOT put their name. I’d prefer they figure out who you’re talking about.

Also you could mention … a blessing you have received … one you hope you are about to … and one you probably won’t appreciate.

As for me …

I have received a safe place from God to live. I feel safe in my home and I never drive around avoiding going there. It is a place where I can rest.

I am about to receive the blessing of learning to be more unselfish. I feel it coming in the works … the way you feel a lesson coming on that you probably won’t like. I know I will come out of it on the other side, a better person … a better servant … a better friend.

The one I won’t appreciate is a little harder. I think of this more like something that will be extremely difficult and won’t make much sense, but eventually I will look back and go, “Ooohhh, that’s what God was doing.” I’m not going to predict how this will take shape, instead, I will try to prepare my heart to accept the shaping of my master’s hands.