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I threw up a little …

A few years ago I had a student that was always trying to go home from school. Each day he had a new ailment … some days it was a headache … one day his face hurt. The best one was this …

I went over to his seat where he quickly informed me that he wasn’t feeling good. I did the normal thing … basically told him to lay his head down for about 5 minutes and see if he felt better. Well 5 minutes later … he was not better … he was worse. (I knew he was not really sick though.) So I told him I would check with the principal and see if we could call his mother. (Stalling for time was all I was doing.) I didn’t even talk to the principal but returned to tell him that really unless he threw up or something he was not really sick enough to go home.

He seemed very disappointed with this, but sadly said, “O.K.” A few minutes later he asked if he could go to the restroom. I allowed this and he was gone for at least 10 minutes. (I knew he was preparing to come back to tell me that he had thrown up.) He came back and sat quietly for a few minutes. Suddenly, he called me over and informed me that he had thrown up. (Surpised?)

I said, “Did you throw up when you were in the bathroom?” He thought for a minute and then in his most sickly voice he said, “I just threw up a little in my mouth.” I had to choke back a laugh.

Now it’s a popular phrase among my friends. “I just threw up a little in my mouth.” We’ve also adapted it to, “I cried a little in my eyes.” “I slept a little in my face.” “I hurt a little in my head.” I’ve even been “sad a little in my heart.”

I do have to let you know that I’m not completely heartless. After such a performance I did allow the child to call his mother … who quickly ruined his day by informing him that he was not coming home.

It’s rough being a kid.


Comments on: "I threw up a little …" (4)

  1. Clark, our 3 year old, did throw up one time “a little in my mouth”.

    He had huge tears and obviously wasn’t feeling well.

    Still, we had a hard time not laughing out loud.

  2. When I was little, I would say “I threw up in my throat” That is just yucky!! Makes me throw up a bit just thinking about it! 😉

    Rachel..who threw up frequently…would put her hands by her mouth, catch it then bring it to you and say “I frowed up”….Great! Thanks for saving it!!! eek

    I love the “slept a little in my face” one…makes me laugh every time!! I also love that bunny… I have had that one on a pin in my office for a couple of years~~’cept the background is pink 🙂

  3. LOL! Oh Paige, you make me laugh a little in my teeth!

  4. LOVE THIS POST ! I laughed a lot in my belly!!! 🙂 Hope you are doing well! Blessings!

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