You’re on BASE! Take some time to catch your breath … you are safe.

Is there anyone who has not played I spy?! I know I didn’t play it much when I was a kid, but as a baby-sitter and teacher it was a life saver. No supplies needed it was always easy to throw out there in a pinch.

Well at the place where I work I can spy lots of interesting things from my window. There is hardly a day that goes by that I don’t see something that’s a little “off”.

One day I saw a man pushing a wheel chair. The wheel chair had a huge pile of stuff on it … covered with a blanket. He was headed to the pawn shop across the street. It really kinda looked like a body to me, but I believe that Sherry guessed stereo equipment. Funny how minds can go down two seperate tracks. Anyway, he got to the pawn shop and finally revealed … stereo equipment. We were overjoyed when he came back out empty handed. We were so afraid he was going to have to load up all that stuff again and head back home.

Today was one of the more funny ones. We were eating lunch and Sherry started to tell us about a man that she had seen earlier. She said he had on these really “high-water” pants. He had kind-of a long beard and she said he stopped and and played with something in his hand for awhile, and then walked on.

Not 15 minutes after hearing this story I look up and say, “Ooooh, there’s a man walking with a helmet on. (not to be confused with the man earlier in the week walking around wearing a motorcycle helmet with no motorcycle) As he got closer we realized it was a bicycle helmet. He was also carrying a tent … and get this … he was wearing fishing waders. To make this story even funnier … it was the “high-water” pants guy from earlier. He had now found some waders to protect him from that water he was so afraid of.  A salvation army truck pulled up and he kindly saluted them, talked to them for awhile, and then went on his way.

Later he came back and he kept turning his helmet around as if it just wasn’t fitting right. I don’t think he knew which was the front and which was the back. The last time I saw him he was looking at his reflection in the quick shop window.

I want to know his story. Where does he stay at night? Where did he get those waders and that helmet? How did he get to this point in his life?

I may never know the answers to all of these questions. Oh well.

Tell me … from where you are sitting right now … what do you spy with your little eye? Or, if that’s too boring then just tell me something funny you’ve seen lately.


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  1. When I used to live on 58th and Utica, the neighborhood was ferrell cat central. I kid you not there was a kitty gang. The “Godfather” if you will, was a fat, raggedy, tiger cat. I named him Old Deuteronomy, after the old raggedy cat in CATS. He would sit on the neighbor lady’s car hood. When I would come out of the house, he would look at me and kind of nod his head slightly as if to say “Sup?”

    Old Deuteronomy was not afraid of anyone or anything. I know he had an organized crime ring, but I sort of kept my nose in my own business so as to not draw attention to myself. I didn’t want to find myself sleeping with the fishes.

    One night my roommate came home and said that she had just seen four or five cats dragging another cat under her car. I pondered what the poor soul had done to be indebted to Old Deuteronomy. It still makes me shudder.

  2. There are so many things that happen outside our window! That is one of the busiest corners in town I would venture to guess. At least as far as pedestrians go. That guy in his waders really had us laughing for a while huh?

    Our office has been in the building for about 10 years now so I have seen all kinds of things. But one of the funniest happened just the other day. We looked out the window and saw a lady just sitting in the parking lot. I still cannot believe you missed how she ended up there!;-)… She had her walker-like thing with a basket beside her. She poured herself a cup of juice. She lit a cigarette. She was just making herself comfortable right there between the gas pumps and the street! I just knew she was going to get hit by a car..there are some crazy drivers over there. Then…when we heard the sirens from the ambulance that was coming for her…we saw her start rocking back and forth, holding her leg like she was in severe pain!! Oh my!! What happened to the juice and the cigarette??

    We used to have names for the people at the bus stop…Red Boots and Momma were two of our favorites. I see him every now and then…don’t know what happened to Momma. Cyndi is very good at making up conversations for the people outside the window. She has had me crying from laughter on several occassions!!!

  3. OK. Austin has this theme…’s on bumperstickers and tshirts everywhere. Keep Austin Weird. And it is. The streets dont go north and south or east and west… house faces north east. Then, it seems to be the homeless capitol of the world. I was working at a jobsite near UT. It was stinkin hot and about 100 at noon. Humidity was about that too. I decided to go to Whataburger and get a really big diet dr. pepper…..and get three refills and leave. I decided to just walk there and there was a bridge over this creek and under the bridge I saw a homeless guy with all his stuff and he was wading in the creek getting cans. He had a sack full of cans. I walked past and then went back. I felt bad. I don’t know exactly what it would be like to be homeless but I thought I would ask the guy if he wanted a hamburger from whataburger. He said “Si”. And something else that made me think he wanted a really big hamburger and some fries and a really big coca cola. So I went next door and got the 2 double cheeseburger meals…..and took them to the guy. He was glad to get all the food. He didn’t really understand that one of the meals was mine. I figured I had reserves and he was pretty skinny and he was gonna have to do much better can hunting or he wouldnt make it too long. These people seem happier though, than people who I know that are rich. Maybe they live more and don’t have a house full of wal mart goods that they have to work 80 hours a week to pay for. Anyway, you also have to be careful at stop lights for people selling stuff and begging. You would be amazed how much money those guys get in one 5 minute red light. I try to help out those that need help but aren’t asking for it. Those are the ones that need it the most. And the guy dressed like the cat in the hat just doesnt earn my sympathy. But I do laugh till it hurts when I see him at the 51 st exit!

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