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Jacob and Amanda

Jacob and Amanda are serving as missionaries in Mexico City. I knew Amanda when she lived in Lubbock and am a friend of her family. I was in AIM with Jacob’s brother James, but don’t know if I’ve ever met Jacob. Although I don’t know them well … haven’t spoken to them in ages …  they have been on my mind quite a bit.

Jacob and Amanda have two children named Adah and Noah. Recently their family confirmed that Noah has Tay- Sachs. Please visit their blog to find out more information about Noah.

My purpose for putting them in the Hot Seat right now has several layers. Although I may not know them really well I know many of you that do. I would love for them to be able to come here and see that there are many of us that are praying for their family … and many of us that recognize the value of the work that they are doing.

I know that Amanda, Jacob and their extended families have a lot going on right now. Please keep the entire family in your prayers … and especially regarding Noah at this time.

The past few years I’ve seen God answer prayers in ways that I did not expect. I found that I really wasn’t trusting Him “to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine”. So I was taught to pray specifically for what I wanted Him to do.

So please join me. Tell God exactly what you want Him to do for the Henderson family. Let them know what you are praying so that they may be encouraged. You can never go wrong in letting someone know that they are on your mind.


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  1. I was in aim with Jacob & Amanda, then in small group after we all came back to Lubbock. I think of them often with many smiles, but this week it has been with prayers & tears. I hope you guys come and see how much Paige cares for you, and how much others care– including Chad & I. We are praying so intently for Noah, and passing the word along to as many people as we can. An army of prayer warriors is storming Heaven!


  2. I have been bugging God about this whole family for a while now….those members that I know, as well as those that I don’t.

    I want God to bring some peace into their lives. I want God to show His power through them. I want them to be drawn closer to the One that can heal them.

    May God bless your lives…now and always.


  3. Rex Boyles said:

    May the Almighty God and Father of mercies, who gave “favor” to Noah (the ancient one) grant favor now to Noah (the little one). May the Father of lights, who created Noah inside Amanda’s body – who knit him “wonderful” and “precious” – who “ordained” his days – heal his body and fulfill the purpose of his days with a long and useful life in the Kingdom. May the Lord of lords, who conquered death and will one day “destroy the last enemy death” overule doctors and diagnoses. May the Master, who calmed storms, bring peace to their hearts. May their Brother and Friend visit them, as He did Mary and Martha … the widow of Nain … Jairus’ family, and bring comfort … hope … life. Please God spare these dear ones sorrow upon sorrow. We are praying … Rex


  4. Jacob and Amanda,

    I love you and your families dearly! You both are such rocks to so many other people. I was very saddened by Noah’s diagnosis. Please know that I, and so many others, are going to the Father on his behalf. We serve the God of the impossible, and that is what I am asking him to do.

    The Lord will see you through this storm! I am confident of that!



  5. Paige thanks you for posting about our family .
    God is good and I know He will respond as He thinks best. We want healing. We want a miracle . thanks you again la buela


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