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I threw up a little …

A few years ago I had a student that was always trying to go home from school. Each day he had a new ailment … some days it was a headache … one day his face hurt. The best one was this …

I went over to his seat where he quickly informed me that he wasn’t feeling good. I did the normal thing … basically told him to lay his head down for about 5 minutes and see if he felt better. Well 5 minutes later … he was not better … he was worse. (I knew he was not really sick though.) So I told him I would check with the principal and see if we could call his mother. (Stalling for time was all I was doing.) I didn’t even talk to the principal but returned to tell him that really unless he threw up or something he was not really sick enough to go home.

He seemed very disappointed with this, but sadly said, “O.K.” A few minutes later he asked if he could go to the restroom. I allowed this and he was gone for at least 10 minutes. (I knew he was preparing to come back to tell me that he had thrown up.) He came back and sat quietly for a few minutes. Suddenly, he called me over and informed me that he had thrown up. (Surpised?)

I said, “Did you throw up when you were in the bathroom?” He thought for a minute and then in his most sickly voice he said, “I just threw up a little in my mouth.” I had to choke back a laugh.

Now it’s a popular phrase among my friends. “I just threw up a little in my mouth.” We’ve also adapted it to, “I cried a little in my eyes.” “I slept a little in my face.” “I hurt a little in my head.” I’ve even been “sad a little in my heart.”

I do have to let you know that I’m not completely heartless. After such a performance I did allow the child to call his mother … who quickly ruined his day by informing him that he was not coming home.

It’s rough being a kid.


I spy with my little eye …

Is there anyone who has not played I spy?! I know I didn’t play it much when I was a kid, but as a baby-sitter and teacher it was a life saver. No supplies needed it was always easy to throw out there in a pinch.

Well at the place where I work I can spy lots of interesting things from my window. There is hardly a day that goes by that I don’t see something that’s a little “off”.

One day I saw a man pushing a wheel chair. The wheel chair had a huge pile of stuff on it … covered with a blanket. He was headed to the pawn shop across the street. It really kinda looked like a body to me, but I believe that Sherry guessed stereo equipment. Funny how minds can go down two seperate tracks. Anyway, he got to the pawn shop and finally revealed … stereo equipment. We were overjoyed when he came back out empty handed. We were so afraid he was going to have to load up all that stuff again and head back home.

Today was one of the more funny ones. We were eating lunch and Sherry started to tell us about a man that she had seen earlier. She said he had on these really “high-water” pants. He had kind-of a long beard and she said he stopped and and played with something in his hand for awhile, and then walked on.

Not 15 minutes after hearing this story I look up and say, “Ooooh, there’s a man walking with a helmet on. (not to be confused with the man earlier in the week walking around wearing a motorcycle helmet with no motorcycle) As he got closer we realized it was a bicycle helmet. He was also carrying a tent … and get this … he was wearing fishing waders. To make this story even funnier … it was the “high-water” pants guy from earlier. He had now found some waders to protect him from that water he was so afraid of.  A salvation army truck pulled up and he kindly saluted them, talked to them for awhile, and then went on his way.

Later he came back and he kept turning his helmet around as if it just wasn’t fitting right. I don’t think he knew which was the front and which was the back. The last time I saw him he was looking at his reflection in the quick shop window.

I want to know his story. Where does he stay at night? Where did he get those waders and that helmet? How did he get to this point in his life?

I may never know the answers to all of these questions. Oh well.

Tell me … from where you are sitting right now … what do you spy with your little eye? Or, if that’s too boring then just tell me something funny you’ve seen lately.

Jacob and Amanda

Jacob and Amanda are serving as missionaries in Mexico City. I knew Amanda when she lived in Lubbock and am a friend of her family. I was in AIM with Jacob’s brother James, but don’t know if I’ve ever met Jacob. Although I don’t know them well … haven’t spoken to them in ages …  they have been on my mind quite a bit.

Jacob and Amanda have two children named Adah and Noah. Recently their family confirmed that Noah has Tay- Sachs. Please visit their blog to find out more information about Noah.

My purpose for putting them in the Hot Seat right now has several layers. Although I may not know them really well I know many of you that do. I would love for them to be able to come here and see that there are many of us that are praying for their family … and many of us that recognize the value of the work that they are doing.

I know that Amanda, Jacob and their extended families have a lot going on right now. Please keep the entire family in your prayers … and especially regarding Noah at this time.

The past few years I’ve seen God answer prayers in ways that I did not expect. I found that I really wasn’t trusting Him “to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine”. So I was taught to pray specifically for what I wanted Him to do.

So please join me. Tell God exactly what you want Him to do for the Henderson family. Let them know what you are praying so that they may be encouraged. You can never go wrong in letting someone know that they are on your mind.