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laughing at their expense

Why is it funny to watch people fall and run into things? I don’t know, but some of my favorite commercials recently were the Ford sync ones where people would try to turn things on just by talking. “Anesthesia on” … “Treadmill on” … “Door open”  … that lady running into the door with her coffee makes  me laugh every time.


When we were in Portugal I remember Charlie’s parents sent him some rollerblades. We had never used them before. Cobblestone covered sidewalks and hilly streets are not the best place to learn to rollerblade. It was hilarious. Wish I had video of that experience. It would probably resemble some of these … 

Do you have any funny stories where you or a loved one fell, tripped, ran into something, spilled something etc? Anything embarrassing will do.

Water Water Everywhere

I just realized that my last post had to do with two water situations. All of these have to do with water as well. Anyone have a fun water story to share?

When we were in Portugal, occasionally the water would get turned off. This is a picture from the first time the water was turned off while we were there.  


I guess we had never gone without water, because we went a wee bit overboard. We filled every single container we had. The next time the water was turned off I think we all showered the night before and then filled up a cup to keep so we could brush our teeth. Amazing how quickly we adapted to that. It was nice to have the water being turned off as an excuse for looking like you just got of bed.


When I was an AIM assistant we did a photo scavenger hunt one night. These can actually be pretty fun. One of our photos was three people on our team standing in the Tech fountain. Anyone else ever jumped into a fountain just for kicks?!



This picture was taken when I got to go to the Grand Canyon with some great people. I had actually moved to Illinois and was able to come back and go with a group from Lubbock. This trip was so good for me. I needed to be around these people. In following with the water theme … there are two bottles of water in the picture. (I am probably going to be in trouble with Sarah for using this picture … she doesn’t like out dated photos very much.)


This last picture is not from my AIM time but it is a good water picture. When I taught school in St. Louis this time of year the temperature we would be starting to get pretty high. Our school did not have air conditioning (this is the first place I taught where we cancelled school because the temperature was too high). So, the fire department would help us out during the last week of school by providing our own little water fountain for cooling off. The kids had a ball.



Your turn … tell me something about water …