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Truth or Dare

I don’t know anyone that hasn’t played the wonderful game … Truth or Dare. I know for myself … I can almost always guarantee that I will choose dare. There are not many things that I just can not do if it means I can avoid answering some embarrassing question that my so-called friends might come up with. There’s a big difference in suffering the humiliation of truth … and the infamy that comes with performing some ridiculous act. One can always justify the act by saying, “I had to do it … it was a dare.” On the other hand … the truths that could be revealed, I’m afraid, would have no valid excuse.

I’m going to offer two truths about myself … and two dares that I’ve accepted.

Truth: I … along with others who shall remain nameless … wrote in the brand new concrete at the Heritage apartments. I was caught and made to write a letter of apology to said apartments. However, not many people knew that there was another section we had written in that we did not get caught for. Oops.

Dare: When I was an AIM assistant … someone dared me to run and jump into the pool in my clothes, then roll around on the sand volleyball court. I do not know why I accepted this dare … it was not countered with the offer of telling a truth. But for whatever reason, I was dared. I don’t know many people that can ignore a dare when their reputation is at stake. 








Truth: When I went to visit the AIMers in Ireland, we were blessed to attend Camp Shamrock. While at camp I accidentally walked in on one of the leaders while he was changing clothes. Oops.

Dare: This was actually a dare only because I was reluctant to go play. I was in my apartment studying one day when it began to pour down rain. I heard some people playing outside, but was trying to ignore them. Suddenly … a knock at the door. “Come play football with us!” … the AIMer said excitedly. “Eeek … um … no thanks I need to study.” I don’t remember the rest of the conversation but it had to have ended with, “I dare you.” Because there’s no other way I can imagine participating in this …

So how ’bout you? I would love to hear some of your own “truth or dare” stories. Even just a funny story would be great. We need some laughter here on BASE.