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The Legend of Craig Hicks

I do not know the last time I saw Crag but it had to be about 13 or 14 years ago. He was an assistant during my AIM class, but I never really spent a lot of time around him. Most of what I knew about Craig came from what I saw from a distance. There are also things I learned through the whispers of AIMers past … passing on the legend of Craig Hicks.

What I saw was a man that was always energetic … to put it mildly. He was a very animated teacher that kept your attention … not just with his elaborate hand gestures … but with his eloquent speech when speaking the Word. He is a teacher … even today.

Some of the “legend” I’ve heard probably needs to be disproved or confirmed. I will allow anyone to do this … Craig you are also allowed to defend yourself if needed. 🙂


Did Craig really wear a suit and tie and carry a briefcase the first day of AIM?

What is the truth about his racquetball prowess?

Did he really sneak out during mission term to eat at Whataburger? Did he also rat out Theresa Wilson for doing the same thing?

What was the name of that car … you know … the one that seemed to love living at the auto shop more than at home?

Is it true that Craig saw Elvis all over the place … including several baptistry’s across Texas and New Mexico?

Is it true that Craig allowed some of the AIMers to float down the River of Life at Oral Roberts University?

If anyone has any information to fill in some blanks it would be appreciated.

I’d also love to hear any encouragement that you can give to Craig … he’s an amazing man of God that is both a leader and a servant … a student and a teacher.

Craig teaches and encourages me often at …

Thanks Craig!!!