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Sharon and Donovan Fox

Sharon and Donovan are in the Hot Seat!!!


Sharon and Donovan were in the same AIM class as me … 1992.

They have been wonderful about making sure that we all stay updated on what’s going on with others around the world. They send out prayer requests. They send out pictures and newsletters … helping us to stay in touch even though we are so far apart.

I haven’t personally talked to them in years and years … but I always appreciate receiving the emails that they send.

It takes special people to do the work they’ve done to ensure that we do not lose touch completely. They obviously know the importance of this task. I know that I have felt grateful for what they’ve done … but never actually expressed this to them.

Well … thank you so much you guys. I really have appreciated the encouragement that you have been.

I would love for you to comment and let me know what you’ve been doing. I read on someone’s blog that you would be at the AIMAPALOOZA event this Friday. I know that is going to be such a good time and full of encouragement. 

I would also enjoy hearing anything else you would like to share with us. What are some things you still hold on to from your field experience? What has life been like since you returned? Anything you’d like to share is welcome.

For the rest of you … please comment and help to encourage this wonderful couple.