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~~~~~ Theresa Wilson ~~~~~

Let’s bring in the New Year with Theresa in the Hot Seat.

 I have known Theresa since I was in AIM in 1992, and yet I don’t feel like I’ve ever really gotten to know her. I regret that. I wish that I would’ve taken more time when I came back to Lubbock in 2006 … but I let my own awkwardness get in the way.

 I know a few things about her though … 

She loves her family … people … and especially children. She’s worked on several foreign fields. She’s worked with the children’s home in Lubbock and now Cozumel.  I know that she adapts well on a foreign field. I’ve read her blog ( and I know that she did her best to have some familiar foods for her family on Thanksgiving. That takes some effort in a place like that.


She is devoted to whatever her heart attaches too. She did so much for our little church group. We didn’t realize how much until she was gone. I don’t know how she found the time to do it all, but she did. 

 She searches the Word … wanting to learn more about her Creator … and sharing that knowledge with others. She is a good woman … with a huge heart.

Theresa … I know you are busy, but if you have the time please tell us a little about yourself and your work in Cozumel. What is a typical day like for you? If you have any free time what do you do with it? How involved are you with the work at the children’s home? How do you adapt to such a challenging environment when working on a foreign field?

Please take some time to encourage Theresa …

Bah Humbug!!!

I’m not much of a Christmas person. I don’t get into any holidays very much. So when Christmas rolls around I get the spirit of “Bah Humbug!” I try to go ahead and decorate the house … maybe that will get me in the mood. It helps a little, but doesn’t realy do the trick. I start doing my shopping … this usually gets me in the spirit at first. But eventually I realize I’m spending too much money on things people really don’t want anyway.

There are, however, three things I really love about Christmas …


1. I like when I can buy someone something I know they really want or will appreciate.

If it’s something I find that makes me think of them … that makes me happy.  I’ve been known to give very odd presents to folks if they popped into my head when I saw it. It takes a special heart for someone to appreciate a rock, or some “slightly imperfect” underwear called “Bloopers” (sorry Kevin), but once in a while I run into someone that feels like I do … and will appreciate such a find. It can be a pretty strange gift, but if it makes my heart smile when I see it … then it’s a keeper.

2. Christmas morning hair!

This hair is only cute on children under 10. I love to watch my neices and nephew opening gifts on Christmas morning in their pajamas … hair everywhere … and the biggest smiles on their faces. Priceless. Here’s a picture of me sporting my own christmas hair. 


3. The gift you must put on or try out immediately.

I love when you get that present that makes you drop everything else and go put it on, or go in search of batteries so you can try it out. I like these two pictures. I’m getting the sweater … then in the next photo I’m wearing it. I love that.






Tell me something you love about Christmas … maybe it will help me stay away from the “Bah Humbugs”!

Do our words matter?

When I started doing this blog it was kind-of a joke. I had smarted off to Dennis and he sent me this blog address. I decided to play with it a little, never knowing what the result would be. I didn’t know what to write about so I decided to let you do the writing.

Rex had written a blog and mentioned me at the end. Thanking me for our friendship. Suddenly people started commenting on his blog … people I hadn’t talked to in years and years. It was such an encouragement to me … it was neat to see what people remembered about me from the short time I had passed through their lives. So I decided to try and give that feeling to some other people … the Hot Seat was born.

 I want to share a note that I received from someone that was on the Hot Seat at one time. I just want you to realize how much it means to folks when you stop by to say something. Your two minutes of typing can encourage someone in the midst of a storm.


“I wanted to thank you for the blog. The comments meant a lot to me. Sometimes I wonder what my life has been about or if I have done anything good for the kingdom … those words gave me a little sense that once upon a time I did some good.”

Others have mentioned how much it meant to see themselves through others’ eyes. How they really needed the encouragement at just that time.

 I just wanted to stop and say thanks for helping me encourage some folks … and I wanted you to hear a little of what you’ve done for the hearts of some very special people.

I know that you’ve helped shed some light on what can sometimes seem to be a long and lonely path … for me and at least a few others. Thanks.

James and RaDonna Kinnaird

The Hot Seat is back with two people that I really want you guys to help me honor. I met James and RaDonna when I was in AIM in 92-93. Later I came back as an assistant while they were coordinators in Russia.







I went to Russia to visit some AIMers and got there right as James and RaDonna were leaving so I really didn’t get to see them. But they let us stay in their house during their absence, and watch their movies. It was great to have their place to use and we all appreciated it. It takes some courage to let AIM people have the rule of your house for any period of time.

When I moved back to Lubbock in 2006 I had the privilege of attending the congregation in Seagraves where they work. Even though I don’t know them that well they immediately made me feel welcome.

In the afternoon we went to their home and rested until the evening services. I remember RaDonna sitting on the couch and talking to me for quite a while about some difficult times that led to my move to Lubbock. She allowed me to talk and she was such a good listener. That day meant so much to me and was good for my heart. 

Several times since then – they and their children have stopped by to visit us during our Wednesday night services and even on Sunday once in a while. They have been such an encouragement to our little group … and to me personally.

I wish I knew them better. I hope that some of you will help me learn more about them.

Please help me honor two people with huge hearts. They have been an encouragement to so many of us … let’s pay them back in full.



(14 years is a long time ago. These pictures were all I had. If anyone can send me some different ones I will gladly post them.) *** James sent some more recent pics … what a great looking family … thanks James.
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