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You and Heather were telling so many stories I decided that maybe you needed to sit in the Hot Seat for a while.

I think you look beautiful in this picture. It’s a good memory for me. Wasn’t it your bachelorette party that we went and played laser tag? (Didn’t we get beat by a team of pregnant women?)

If I could put video on here there would be some of us at Campus Advance playing on that stage. We had so much fun that night.

Remember this ski trip? We sat around watching people crash, and we couldn’t get in the car to get our lunch.  I also remember that the girls were the ones that were able to start the fire at the cabin. Without us we all would have frozen to death.  (sorry your eyes are shut, but I wanted a ski picture and it was the best one)


 We had the best apartment in that whole complex…D-19 was the place to be. We had to have a “lost and found” because so many people would leave their stuff. We also had a sign on the toilet seat that said, “TAKE AIM”.

 I remember when we shared a room in Portugal. We hung a mirror so we could use it to get ready. When one of the guys came in all they could see was their stomach. I didn’t realize we were THAT short.

 Was Ed the first one to call you Mageeorah?

I have a picture where we are babysitting Kathy. We have her sitting in a little cage of pillows. I’m not quite sure what that is about…but she looks like she’s laughing so I guess we weren’t hurting her.

I am so happy for you Michelle…you have a wonderful family. I hate that we have all lost touch, but this blog has been a blessing. It has helped us reconnect, and it has filled my heart with some good memories. You are a big part of those memories. I love you Michelle.

P.S. You need to tell us a little bit about yourself and your AIM experience. I’d also love to hear some of your favorite memories. What impacted you most about Portugal? What has been the most rewarding aspect of motherhood?



Heather…Heather….Heather what can I say? Where do I begin? As I looked through my scrapbooks for some pictures the memories just started flooding my mind.


First some random stuff and I’ll end with the “good story” that I want to tell.


I remember that I wasn’t supposed to leave the apartment…probably was supposed to study. I went to the door…probably to leave, and there was this note that simply said, “Paige, don’t even think about it.”  Thanks for the encouragement. I still have that in my scrapbook.


Another note said something about Pumpkin Foot. I remember a few pumpkin stories. Do you remember the pumpkin pie that fell off the dash into my shoe when we were visiting that church? That poor woman didn’t have a pie for the pot luck thanks to us.


The singing ministry in the park that we started while in Portugal.


Obviously from the pictures we spent some time at the Science Spectrum…



I couldn’t find the cookie picture from Sky Ridge, but I found this one…I can see where you could fit quite a few cookies in there.


Remember when we all started saying “smokes”.


NERTS (how do you spell that?)


The concrete incident…


Remember when the doll fell from the church library in Lisboa…oops.


Rainy days and Lourdes always get me down…(Carpenters song isn’t it?)


My favorite story is from when we were in  Portugal…and it reminds me of your spirit every time I think of it.


The apartments we lived in had these wood floors (very slick) and we had a few rugs spread about the place. Alan and I (maybe some others who knows) were sitting on the couch watching tv (probably Little House on the Prairie because it was the only thing in English…poor little Half Pint). I believe you were in the kitchen mixing up a bowl of chocolate icing (lunch no doubt), when Alan got this idea that we would coax you onto the rug in the living room and then yank it out from under you. Now…it must be said that this only works in cartoons…we all know that right?


Well to our surprise it also works in real life, in Portugal. We yanked the rug and you flew. You got up, started crying and went to your room. We were shocked. We were too scared to go check on you, and as we sat in dismay we noticed splatters of chocolate icing on the walls, tv, floor, ceiling. We were trying not to laugh and we really were worried about you when suddenly…you start to laugh. From the other side of the apartment we hear your laugh…that laugh. We were so relieved. Not only were you alive, but you weren’t mad. You came back in the living room, with tears running down your face, and said something to the tune of “Smokes!”.


You have the best spirit Heather. You said something in Portugal that has stuck with me…I just said it when talking to someone the other day. We were talking about people not understanding something and you said, “no one knows what it’s like to be ME going through THIS right now.” That thought is so true. I know how I feel but I can NEVER know how someone else really feels…not really. So it helps me remember to listen and hear what someone is saying when they’re describing their hurt. I love you Heather…thanks for sharing your heart with me for so long.


I just want to take a minute to thank everyone that has been playing along. I know that it has made me smile a lot more often…hopefully it has made you smile too.

I want to remind you to keep encouraging Tim and Dennis even though their “hot seat” is officially over. Also if you don’t know the person really well…or at all…make something up if you want. Wouldn’t it be fun to just pretend you know someone so they sit around wondering for days who you are? If you don’t know them…feel free to do that. 🙂  I’ve also noticed some others have just said something encouraging…you can never go wrong with encouragement.

I am enjoying hearing from so many old friends and even some folks I don’t know. Thanks for the participation.

There will be a new “hot seat” person by the end of the evening if all goes as planned. So keep your mouses at the ready.

 Thanks for hanging out with me on BASE.


TIM…you’re up. I don’t recall if you gave me permission to put you up here or not…but you’re a good sport so I know you don’t mind, right?

I had a hard time finding a picture of you. I found one that I believe is right after you came back from Portugal. We were having a get together at Campus Advance and you were there.


I have been really trying to come up with a story that I could tell…I’m completely blank. You came back from the field while I was still in AIM and I remember you lived with Paul.  On more than one occasion you gave us bits of wisdom about Portugal…thankfully you didn’t pull the “minha” trick on us. I also remember you serenading us about crabs and lobsters. That song changed my life by the way.

I also think I remember going with you to some musical thing at Tech and then we came back and watched cartoons. I believe I was visiting someone else and I got ditched so they made me hang out with you. I enjoyed that more than I expected.

You and Kim saved my hacky sack from Russia. It had ended up on top of the building and I think I received it in the mail a while after I had forgotten about it. I still have that thing. I remember it made me laugh that someone had taken the time to do that…that was a very nice thing to do.

If you don’t mind I’d like you to tell us a little bit about yourself. You don’t have to answer all of these, but I’d like to know more about you. Funny, serious, inspiring, or all of the above…tell us.

What is your favorite memory of your Lubbock AIM time?

What is your favorite Portugal memory?

What event changed your life? 

What have you learned while working in Mexico?

What has been the most unexpected thing about marriage…fatherhood?


I hijacked this picture from your website…which you’ve not posted on in a while by the way.

You have a great looking family…

Everyone please help me encourage Tim. Any blackmail type stories are always appreciated.



Dennis has volunteered to be the first hot seat candidate. Just kidding. He never responded to my earlier post so he may totally object to this…I sure hope not. Actually he was nominated by Rex … so any backlash from this falls on him.

If you look back at the very beginning of this blog. It talks about Dennis.I  smarted off to him about something last Sunday and the next communication I get is my new blog address. I was given a blog as punishment. I was going to dedicate a few entries to him and then just stop…but then this idea came to me. Have a fun place for people to just tell stories. And in this case…stories about Dennis.

Your assignment is to just write. You can write stories about him…compliments….ask him questions (he may not respond, but you can try it), whatever you want.

There is only one rule for the “hot seat”….HAVE FUN.

Let the games begin….

I’ll start. When I was in AIM back in 1992, I happened to be at Dennis’ house. He was an esteemed assistant that year and had offered to help some of us study for our ED test. I’m not the best of students and so I and several others took him up on this offer.  It had started to snow really hard a little while before and there had been some discussion of a snow day. I’m not sure exactly how it went down but I believe Dennis was wanting to watch “Return of Benjy”  or “Alex in Wonderland” and was trying to convince us to goof off instead of study. Although we really tried to stick to our principles his efforts were successful and we all decided that the next day would surely be a snow day and there would be no ED test.

Imagine our surprise when we woke up late and found out it was not a snow day. Yes…we had class…it was not cancelled.

I believe the comment Ed wrote on my test was, “I don’t even think you can get into heaven with a score like this, missy. ”

I want to give a big shout out to my hero Dennis the assistant. Thanks to him…I scored too low to  get into heaven…but apparently it was high enough to get me sent to Portugal.

Can I play?


The poor kid in this picture is just waiting for his turn to play. (yes, it’s blurry) I love it…all the adults are playing jumprope while he patiently guards their stuff. Way to go!

I am enjoying everyone that’s been coming to visit this site. So far I believe we’ve had 6 Portuguese (Paige, Tim, Angie, Michelle, Heather, Stephanie)…1 Ireland (Sarah)…2 Mexicans (Cheri, Dennis)…1 New Yorker (Craig), 1 Texan (Sherry)…and a Rex. There was also one guy that I didn’t know who didn’t know me. So far Portugal is winning so if we don’t want this to become a Portugal site you guys better start recruiting some folks.

I appreciate all that have stopped by. This has been so good for my heart already. I am looking forward to the fun we can have. I had an idea…I don’t know if any of you have ever played “hot seat”…maybe I made it up…but we did it at a retreat or somewhere. One person is selected to be in the “hot seat”. They have to sit in the middle of the circle while everyone goes around and says something nice about them. They are not allowed to say anything they just have to listen…it’s nice…but excruciatingly uncomfortable. Let’s play that.

Actually it will be a different version of that. I will select someone to be in the “hot seat”. I will post that they are it…and include a picture unless there are any objections. Then we will spend a day or two talking to that person. Only this doesn’t have to be just saying nice things…although that’s allowed. You can ask them questions…tell stories…etc. This will take some cooperation on your part.

 What I need from you guys is to know if you mind having your picture posted and if you mind being in the hot seat. I’m really being nice asking…because there’s not a lot to stop me from just doing it. (Is it illegal to put people’s pictures up without their permission?) I really will respect anyone’s wishes to not participate, but I think it will be fun. So unless you just totally object please play along.

Laughter is my favorite side effect of happiness. I spent quite awhile without my laugh and now that I’ve got it back I need you guys to help me keep it close.

 I will wait to hear what you guys think…and then stay tuned…for the first round of the “hot seat”.

And the personal satisfaction goes to…

Tim you get the prize!!! (and Michelle you get second prize which is…i don’t know…that feeling you get when you get part of the right answer) The story is a little foggy in my head ,but this is what I remember.

They had just poured some fresh cement at the AIM apartments. I think Heather, Alan, Michelle, and I decided that we should write in it. I know Heather wrote her initials, Michelle wrote her name…but I’m so sneaky that I wrote “Pepperpot”…my nickname from High School.

 Rex happened to be at the apartments the weekend before mission term and he saw it. He made a comment about Michelle’s name and I made a comment about how it’s not a good idea to write your actual name. Rex’s next comment was…”Yeah…you’re really sneaky Pepperpot”. I almost died. I never expected that.

First day of mission term…our last day to drive…we are walking to the car and Heather is video taping our last drive to Sunset. We walk past another pad of concrete…you don’t know everything Rex…and she filmed yet another place we had written. The next scene on the tape is a group of us in the front of the AIM room trying to come up with an apology letter to the apartments. We had gotten in trouble. I do have to give Rex credit…he didn’t mention our names.

It was funny to laugh about later…but at the time I remember feeling really embarassed. He made a point of reminding us how much the apartment folks had done for us and then this is how we thank them. My mind tends to catastrophize things so I just knew we would be kicked out of the apartments or sent to jail. Instead we were sent to Portugal. (That’s something we need to look into…when I look back at the Portugal teams throughout the years…it almost seems like we were handpicked from the…”sent to the director’s office more than once” list.

Someone else needs to fess up….I know we weren’t the only people  to get out of line.